2G N.42 HildundK


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Table of contents:
Architecture as dialogue by Mechthild Stuhlmacher
Things, other things by Mark Pimlott

Works and projects:

Single-family house in Aggstall
Facade refurbishment, Berlin
Balconies for a residential building, Munich 
Fröhle House, Eichstätt 
Munich Re Group executive management offices, Munich
Building Information Centre, Munich-Riem 
Theresienhöhe social-housing apartments, Munich 
Multi-storey car park, Munich-Riem 
Alter Hof housing and offices, Munich 
Social-housing apartments on Lohengrinstrasse, Munich 
BFTS, Bavarian Research and Technology Centre 
for Sport Sciences, Munich 
Social-housing apartments on Stockholmstrasse, Munich-Riem 
VIP box in the Allianz Arena stadium, Munich 
Exhibition design for the Bayerisches Nationalmuseum, Munich 
Pschorrbräu Beerhall, Munich 
Refurbishment of Hohenkammer Castle, Hohenkammer 
Martin Tschanz. Cladding 
Three facades in Hamburg, Bad Reichenhall 
and Munich 

Texts: Martin TschanzMechthild StuhlmacherMark Pimlott,Dionys OttlAndreas Hild


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