C3 Magazine N. 342


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C3 Magazine è una delle riviste internazionali di architettura, landscape e urbanistica più di tendenza e di qualità.

Esce 12 volte l’anno ed è disponibile anche in abbonamento senza spese di trasporto.

Contenuti di questo numero:

Water at-traction _ Bureau FaceB
Phoenix Observation Tower _ BIG
A New Urban Campus for Bocconi University _ SANAA
Into the Wild _ Openfabric + dmau
Historical Park of Medieval Bosnia _ Filter Architecture
Mirror Lab 2.1 _ VAV Architects
Grundfos College Student Dormitory _ CEBRA


Podia, Plinths and Flying House
Podia, Plinths and Flying House _ Silvio Carta
Tanglewood House 2 _ Schwartz / Silver Architects
Algarrobos House _ Daniel Moreno Flores + José María Sáez
BF House _ OAB-Office of Architecture in Barcelona + ADI Arquitectura
X House _ Cadaval & Solà-Morales
House in Beranda _ Schmidt Arquitectos
Wind-dyed House _ acaa / Kazuhiko Kishimoto
Hanare House _ Schemata Architects
Summer House in Naxos _ Ioannis Baltogiannis + Phoebe Giannisi + Zissis Kotionis + Katerina Kritou + Nikolaos Platsas

Wall Graft
Revamping the Derelicts of the Past: In Praise of the Hybrid _ Nelson Mota
Corten Apartments _ 3ndy Studio
Thalia Theater _ Gonçalo Byrne Arquitectos + Barbas Lopes Arquitectos
Casa Potxonea _ OS3 Arkitektura

héctor fernández elorza
Incase We Meet _ Héctor Fernández Elorza
Intense Material Density _ Jesús Donaire + Héctor Fernández Elorza
Venecia Park
Twin Squares
Valdefierro Park
Faculty of Cellular and Genetic Biology



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