El Croquis 154 – Aires Mateus 2002 – 2011



Contenuti In Questo Numero: House In Alenquer House On The Alentejo Coast House In Brejos De Azeitao Sines Cultural Centre Santa Marta Lighthouse Museum Hotel, Dublin Bom Sucesso Housing Home Of The Elderly In Alc 193;Cer Do Sal Hotel And Restaurant In Biscaia House In Leiria Lisbon Central Library And Municipal Archive Multipurpose Building In Dubai Mar De Oriente Shops And Office Building School In Vila Nova Da Barquina Aquapura Hotel House In Monsaraz House In Coruche Call Center In Santo Tirso Furnas Monitoring And Research Centre Houses In Comporta House In Aroeira Parque De Cuentos Museum Edp Head Office Voids – Instalation For The Venice Biennale 2010


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