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Mark Magazine 67 – Apr/Mag 2017

Room for imagination


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Ponendo particolare attenzione ai complessi residenziali, Mark # 67 accende i riflettori sulle torri residenziali delle grandi città. I progetti in programma a Nantes, Francoforte e Anversa mostrano che vivere in abitazioni comuni non deve essere un’esperienza monotona.

Cross Section

Herzog & de Meuron; Hut’ Atchitektury; Stephane Ceretti; DeBartolo; Mopet; Folien-Fabrik; OMA / Barcode; TD Architects; Plural; Muoto; Mutar Estudio; Arkpabi


Perspective: Apartment Complexes

  • Berranger & Vincent has includes a wealth of housing types in its latest apartment tower
  • Meixner Schlüter Wendt’s vertical residential community combines apartments and terraced houses in an array of sizes
  • Polo and Meta provide the Port of Antwerp with urban density


Long Section

  • OPA takes cues from the disparate qualities of daily existence
  • Snøhetta devised a surrogate for caves that can no longer be visited
  • Woha’s Oasia hotel in downtown Singapore sticks out in many ways. Ecologically, for one
  • Nick Leavy is the rare architect whose work spans the real world, games and fil,
  • Studio velocity designs buildings that have meaning beyond the limits of the plot they’re on
  • Narch’s house in Calders shows that architectural thinking can be employed to make architecture more affordable
  • Ensamble Studio built a house using polystyrene foam, galvanized steel studs and cement board
  • Mimi Zeiger sees a future for slow criticism



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