stormwater management
stormwater managementstormwater management

Stormwater Management

In landscape design


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Le città e i villaggi di oggi, sottoposti a ritmi di crescita e sviluppo sempre più intensi, sono maggiormente esposti al rischio di allagamenti.

Pianificazioni urbane eco-friendly e architettura del paesaggio stanno cercando soluzioni per i nuovi contesti urbani. Focalizzandosi sul concetto della gestione delle acque piovane, questo volume introduce le chiavi tecniche e le conoscenze sulla raccolta delle acque nella progettazione urbana, illustrandole con esempi recenti di progetti da tutto il mondo.


Chapter One: Theories

  • Theories review
  • Trends in stormwater management
  • Re-envision the role of landscape architecture and water management
  • Rainproof cities
  • Heavenly water

Chapter Two: Cases

Rain Runoff

  • Water sensitivity: to deal with stormwater in a positive way – an Interview with De Urbanisten
  • Biesbosch Museum Island
  • Water Square Benthemplein
  • Grundschule Moorflagen
  • Tianjin Airport Logistic Park
  • Hebei Grand Garment Campus
  • Blcaktown Showground Precinct Water-Sensitive Urban Design Redevelopment
  • Pigon Square Regeneration
  • Zigong Dongxingsi Precinct
  • Villages Nature for Disney Paris

River Management

  • Sponge Cities Offer an Opportunity to Build Great and Liveable Places – an Interview with Julia Manrique
  • Fairwater Park
  • Liupanshui Minghu Wetland Park
  • 23° Escape
  • Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Town Innovative Development
  • The Pointe
  • Botanical Garden in Park Floisvos

Flood Protection & Water Conservation

  • ‘Sponge City’ Helps Make a City More Attractive – an Interview with Tilman Latz
  • Siree Ruckhachat Nature Learning Park
  • Wusong Riverfront Pilot Project
  • Working Wetlands at Royal Botanic Gardens
  • The Centre for Sustainable Landscapes at the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens
  • Docks of Saint Ouen Ecological District Landscape Management
  • The Lahn River Basin – a Green-Blue Corridor for the City of Giessen

Green Space

  • For a Site Able to Age and Sustain Itself – an Interview with Emanouil Spassov, ASLA
  • Virtua Voorhees Hospital
  • The Uttorayon Township
  • Power Plant GDF SUEZ Wilhelmshaven Outdoor Facilities
  • Paisos Catalans Square Rain Garden


  • Landscape Architecture to Benefit the Greater-Good – an Interview with Trygve Hanses, ASLA
  • Whittier Clinic
  • Camille Claudel Ecological District Landscape Management
  • Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Centre


  • USF Centre for Science and Innovation and Harney Plaza Landscape
  • Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM)
  • Harmonia 57
  • Design Studio Index


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