A10 37 Gen/Feb 2011


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News E Osservazioni

* Lyon’S Monolith (Fr)
* Victoria 38; Albert In Dundee (Uk)
* Stefano Boeri Not The Next Mayor Of Milano (It)
* Stuttgart 21: Symbol Of A New Planning Culture (De)
* Update: Dutch Playgrounds
* Two Hidden Gems In The Slovenian Countryside
* …

Nuovi Progetti

* Housing Competition, Milano (It)
* School And Day Care Centre, Helsinki (Fi) By Jkmm
* Museum Extension, Riga (Lv) By Processoffice
* Public Square, Lodi (It) By Spedstudio


Office Kgdvs: The Importance Of Being Precise

Kersten Geers And David Van Severen Are Among The Most Successful Of A New Generation Of Architects In Belgium. They Speak About Their Design Approach And What It Means To Be An Architect In Belgium: ‘There Have Of Course Been Occasions When Someone Asked Whether We’Re Belgian Or Flemish Architects. We Are European.’

Nuovi Edifici

* Faculty Extension, Groningen (Nl) By Pvanb Architecten
* Education Centre, Porto (Pt) By Atelier Veloso Arquitectos
* Music School, Granville (Fr) By K-Architectures
* Media Design Office, Steyr (At) By Gernot Hertl
* Conversion Of Two Houses, Ja 233;N (Es) By Brijuni Arquitectos
* Student Housing, Helsinki (Fi) By Playa Arkkitehdit
* Hydroelectric Power Station, Kempten (De) By Becker Architekten
* Housing, Dublin (Ie) By A2 Architects
* Villa, Palanga (Lt) By Arches
* Apartment Building, Ostrava (Cz) By Kuba Pila 38;#345; Architekti
* Hospital Entrance Building, Firenze (It) By Ipostudio Architetti,
Cspe And Elio Di Franco


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