A10 47 Settembre / Ottobre 2012


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Platform for arts and…  GUIMARÃES (PT) – A multi-purpose space by Pitágoras is carved from the city’s fabric without any trace of ostentation. Portugal | Carlos M. Guimarães & João Crisóstomo

Anchored in Irish housing…  BOG WEST (IE) – Steve Larkin’s rural house resonates with its surroundings and tectonically celebrates domestic life.Ireland | Emmett Scanlon

Pick-a-stick JANÓW LUBELSKI (PL) – Lublin Voivodeship held the title of the European Union’s poorest region until the admittance of Romania and Bulgaria. Yet in…

Poland | Hubert Trammer News and observations Zoom Natury recreational park, Janów Lubelski (PL) Garden boulevard, Barcelona (ES) by Lola Domènech & Teresa Galí Interactive Landscape, Rotterdam (NL) by Studio Roosegaarde Double-helix staircase, Valletta (MT) by Architecture Project Skatepark, Gustavsberg (SE) by Nord Skateparks New Town narratives: Nowa Huta (PL) Archiprix utopias: A Crime of Passion: Synthetic Murder in Our Midst Update: Social services and more…

New projects Masterplan for an original river route, Kiev (UA) by Wolf House Productions & Gabriel Pascariu Combining religion and community, Antwerp (BE) by B-architecten Cultural archive takes root, London (UK) by Pringle Richards Sharratt Architects Strategic vision for the city centre, Madrid (ES) by José María Ezquiaga, Juan Herreros & Salvador Pérez Arroyo

Architecture in action ‘Landscape and the limits of architecture’, a student workshop with Elia Zenghelis at the Osogovo Monastery (MK)

New buildings Layered headquarters, Osnabrück (DE) by 3deluxe Public space and leisure centre, Teruel (ES) by Mi5 arquitectos & PKMN architectures Anchored in Irish housing tradition, Bog West (IE) by Steve Larkin Architects University building or Gothic mirage, Leipzig (DE) by Erick van Egeraat Low-tech day-care centre, Zsámbék (HU) by FÖLDES & Co. Architects Platform for arts and creativity, Guimarães (PT) by Pitágoras Arquitectos

Focusing on European countries Beginning with A10 #46, Eurovision presents an overview of the current state of architecture in a specific European country. In this issue, the focus is Italy. Each country’s guest editor will use eight categories – Global, Future, Urban, etc. – to formulate a perspective. A special feature, ‘The dark side of…’, asks the difficult questions: what is actually going wrong in a country? Our Italian guest editor, from the Italian Association of Architecture and Criticism (AIAC), is the first to tackle it. Eurovision can therefore also take a critical stand against the prevailing national architectural climate. Parallel to the 2012 Venice Biennale, Eurovision reveals the underlying themes in a country where good architects are forced to flee their own national borders.

Art of glass Section deals with current trends and relationships in technology and materials. In order to go deeper into the links between concept and result, innovation and use, and corporate and social identity, A10 chooses one project to be more thoroughly scrutinized in each issue. This time it is the Rieteiland House in Amsterdam (NL) by Hans van Heeswijk Architects.

Ten must-see pavilions in Venice The Giardini have always offered a reflection of events around the globe. Hosting more than 50 nations, the International Architecture Exhibition at the Venice Biennale provides a mapping of world architecture. The Italian Association of Architecture and Criticism has selected the ten pavilions most worth visiting. Each proposes its own vision of architecture, often diametrically opposed to the theme ofCommon Ground, and in some cases, far more stimulating.