A10 #53 Sept/Oct 2013


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A10 Rivista europea di architettura.

In questo numero:


Reallocation of ‘De Ceuvel’ shipyard, Amsterdam (Image: space&matter / DELVA)
Creative houseboat hub
Netherlands AMSTERDAM (NL) – Applying low-tech solutions and natural systems to revitalize a polluted brownfield site are the keys to this innovative…
Netherlands | Kim Hoefnagels
Yacht house, Foros (Photo: Ioana Marinescu)
Yacht house
Ukraine FOROS (UA) – With light-friendly apartments and an integrated boathouse, Robin Monotti Architects reflexively modernize the Crimean…
Ukraine | Kseniya Dmitrenko
Action factory
Austria VIENNA (AT) – Developed, designed and constructed by students, this youth centre makes the most of a restricted space.
Austria | Anne Isopp
Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista
Italy FLORENCE (IT) – This is the so-called Church of the Autostrada. The name derives from its position alongside the Autostrada del Sole (The…
Italy | Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi


Castelo Branco Cultural Centre, Castelo (PT) by Mateo Arquitectura
‘Hermit House’ DIY house app, Haarlo (NL) by Cloud Collective
Renovation of a communal laundry, Noia (ES) by Salgado e Liñares
‘New Vision of the Loft 2’ competition winners
Update: Reductionist aesthetics
Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam (NL)
New Town narratives 6: Milton Keynes (UK)
and more…
New projects

Central library, Helsinki (FI) by ALA Architects
Reallocation of ‘De Ceuvel’ shipyard, Amsterdam (NL) by space&matter, Smeelearchitecture and Delva Landscape Architects
Kindergarten, Edinburgh (UK) by Konishi Gaffney
Architecture in action

Self-build boathouse, Tiree (UK)
Exhibition: Lowry and the Painting of Modern Life at Tate Britain, London (UK)
22nd International Summer School of Architecture, Skopje (MK)
New buildings

Laboratory for arts and digital culture, Madrid (ES) by Langarita-Navarro Arquitectos
Yacht house, Foros (UA) by Robin Monotti Architects
actionFabrik, Vienna (AT) by Design-Build Studio at the Vienna University of Technology
Private house, Locarno (CH) by Wespi de Meuron Romeo Architects
Winery, Castelbuono (IT) by Studio Pedrotti and Arnaldo Pomodoro
Museum for Architectural Drawing, Berlin (DE) by SPEECH Tchoban & Kuznetsov
Residential and commercial building, Belgrade (RS) by Efekat UAU
Focusing on European countries

Ireland was one of the first European countries to be brought to the edge of the abyss by the property bubble. In 2008, when the bubble of increased speculative construction and rapidly rising property prices suddenly burst, the banking system collapsed. By the time the Celtic Tiger received 85 billion in European support in 2010, housing prices had fallen 35 per cent. Remarkably, the architecture policy has essentially escaped being under pressure during these turbulent years. Although retrenched, the ambition to contribute to a sustainable, safe and social environment remains. The focus has shifted more towards the soft components of architecture, such as telling stories, building communities and research.
Glazed gimmicks

Section deals with current trends and relationships in technology and materials. In each issue, A10 chooses one project to be the subject of a more in-depth analysis, exploring the connections between concept and result, innovation and use, corporate and social identity, and so on. Emporia, a colossal shopping centre in Malmö by Swedish office Wingårdhs, offers visitors an otherworldly entrance with hi-tech glass applications.
MI Tour Guide
Envisioning the future, redefining the past

During the coming three months, Lisbon is set to become one of the leading architectural capitals of Europe. The third edition of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale will debate and disseminate architectural thinking and practice across geographic and disciplinary boundaries under the enigmatic but daring theme Close, Closer. As such, this is an ideal moment for A10 correspondent Carlos M. Guimarães to present a tour in one of the oldest capital cities of the Old Continent. This fourth edition of MI Tour Guide is published in collaboration with MIMOA.
New residences

Straw dome atelier (SK) by Createrra together with Gernot Minke
Out of obscurity
Buildings from the margins of modern history

The Church of the Autostrada derives its name from its position alongside the Autostrada del Sole and its dedication to the many labourers who perished while constructing this colossal road infrastructure that crosses Italy from north to south. The church, the actual name of which is the Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista, was realized between 1960 and 1964 by Giovanni Michelucci.



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