A10 #55 Jan/Feb 2014


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In questo numero

On the spot

News and observations

Private villa, Tbilisi (GE) by Jürgen Mayer H.
Reality check: Kulturpark, Košice (SK) by zerozero studio
Pivoting bridge, Hull (UK) by McDowell+Benedetti
Book: Holidays after the Fall: Seaside Architecture and Urbanism in Bulgaria and Croatia, Elke Beyer, Anke Hagemann and Michael Zinganel (eds.)
Paleontological museum, Dorkovo (BG) by Yavor Yordanov
Update: Kindergartens in Eastern Europe
Moviegoer 2: Torre David: The World’s Tallest Squat (Daniel Schwartz and Markus Kneer, 2013)
and more…
New projects

Faculty of Radio and Television, Katowice (PL) by BAAS Arquitectura and Grupa 5 Architects
Aalto University Campus, Espoo (FI) by Verstas Architects
Faculty of Organization and Informatics, Zagreb (HR) by Vanja Rister and Tin Sven Franić
Under one roof, Lausanne (CH) by Kengo Kuma and Associates and Holzer Kobler Architekturen
Architecture in action

Self-sufficiency lab, Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Valldaura (ES)
New buildings

Mixed-use micro-city, MAST Foundation, Bologna (IT) by Labics
Housing, Neue Hamburger Terrassen Baugruppe, Hamburg (DE) by LAN (Local Architecture Network)
From coal mine to public library, Labin (HR) by Margita Grubiša and Ivana Žalac
Residential building, Paris (FR) by Chartier Dalix Architectes and Avenier & Cornejo Architectes
Forest retreat, Sedlčany (CZ) by Uhlík architekti
Private house, London (UK) by MATT architecture
Focusing on European countries and regions

The Oslo Architecture Triennale left us wanting to know more about young architects practicing in Norway. The projects that it presented confront and contextualize the contemporary architectural scene, and express a strong sense of environmental and social responsibility. To follow up on this, we have collected examples showing how Norwegian architects not only work with the geography and topography of their native land, but even more with the demographics, ecologies and economics of Norwegian landscapes. Guest-edited by Andreas Vaa Bermann (director of Norsk Form) and Hege Maria Eriksson (director of the 2013 Oslo Architecture Triennale).
Bathed in light

Current trends and developments in cutting-edge building technologies and specific materials are the focus of Section, wherein A10 selects a single project for closer analysis, exploring the connections between concept and result, innovation and use, and beyond. In this issue, we take a closer look at the new Sigmax headquarters, an ICT company in Enschede (NL), designed by Paul de Ruiter. Kirsten Hannema reports on an innovative use of LED lighting that comes close to the experience of daylight.
MI Tour Guide
Architecture in a time of crisis: 2008-2013

The bliss of the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens lasted more than four years after their conclusion. The Games radically transformed the post-war city that was, until that time, produced by the repetition of the polykatoikia (apartment building) typology, albeit in multiple variations. The changes introduced a new, extra-large-scale layer of infrastructural urbanization laid on top of the pre-existing modern urban fabric. New circulation networks allowed for the diffusion of Athens in all directions. This sixth edition of MI Tour Guide is published in collaboration with MIMOA.
New architects’ residences

The strangely familiar house of Thomas Bedaux, Tilburg (NL)
Out of obscurity
Buildings from the margins of modern history

War memorials were one of the central motifs of the self-definition of the emerging and uniquely Yugoslav socialism during the 1950s. From the relatively modest sculptures of the first post-war years to the megalomaniac abstract structures of the 1970s, the war memorials in their many shapes proved to be one of the most experimental and most progressive fields of Yugoslav art, architecture, landscaping and engineering. A memorial centre by architect Marko Mušič, located in the small town of Kolašin (ME) and built in 1975, is one such example.