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Architecture Markers In The Countryside


WHAT’S GOING ON OUT THERE? Aurora Fernández Per

A Countryside Story

Philippe Madec, Atelier Provisoire, Pépitomicorazon, 2PM. Loupiac’ Method. Loupiac (France) 2018.

A Well Cultured Rural Complex

Architectural interventions in Shatwell Farm.

Stephen Taylor Architects. Shatwell Farm Cowshed and Haybarn. Yarlington, Somerset (United Kingdom) 2015.

Hugh Strange Architects. Drawing Matter Archive. Yarlington, Somerset (United Kingdom) 2014.

David Grandorge and Unit 7 at the Cass. Finnforest Pavilion. Yarlington, Somerset (United Kingdom) 2008-2019.

A Centre for the Centre

DierendonckBlancke. Oc Kasterlee and De Met. Kasterlee (Belgium) 2012-2017.

Reclaiming Old Structures

Fala Atelier. Housing Abragão, Penafiel (Portugal) 2016-2018.

Densifying the Centre

Seiler Linhart. New Centre. Jonen (Switzerland) 2017.

Friendly Environment for Families

Studio Velocity. Kowa Public Apartment Complex. Mihama, Aichi (Japan) 2017.

Rethinking the Right Location for Education

MASS Design Group. University of Global Health Equity. Butaro, Burera District (Rwanda) 2019.

Developing Short Chains

a25architetti. Bressanella Agricultural Pavilion. Besana in Brianza (Italy) 2018.

Stabilizing Communities with Affordable Housing

Oopeaa. Puukuokka block. Kuokkala, Jyväskylä (Finland) 2011-2018.

Attracting Migrants from the City

Atelier Bow-Wow. Satoyama Nagaya Hoshinogawa. Yame, Fukuoka (Japan) 2017-2018.

Readapting Uses and Users

Lenschow & Pihlmann. Student Village. Damagervej 8, Viby J. (Denmark) 2016.

Hideouts for Animals and Urbanites

Gartnerfuglen Arkitekter & Mariana de Delás.

Grooming retreat. Santanyi, Mallorca (Spain) 2014.

Hidden place.Telemark (Norway) 2017.

Pozo Podenco. Mallorca (Spain) 2016.


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