a+u 598 (2020:07)

Architecture in the 70’s


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CONTENUTI A+U 598 (2020:07)

Introduction Essay: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”
but not the 1970s
Harry Mallgrave

I. The Presumed Crisis of Meaning
White & Gray: Eleven Modern American Architects
Peter D. Eisenman and Robert A. M. Stern

Bye Residence, John Hedjuk / House VI, Peter Eisenman / Office for Gunwyn Ventures, Michael Graves / House in Connecticut, Robert A. M. Stern / Franklin Court, Robert Venturi / Vacation House in Maine, Edward Larrabee Barnes / Douglas House Richard Meier / Austrian Travel Agency, Main Office, Hans Hollein / The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma, Arata Isozaki
Commentary: Architecture in 70s Jun Aoki

II. The Real Crisis of Urban Theory
Essay Reprint: Analogical Architecture Aldo Rossi
Gallaratese Housing, Primary school in Fagnano Olona, San Cataldo Cemetery in Modena, Theater of the World, Aldo Rossi / Church of the Sacra Famiglia, Paolo Portoghesi

Essay Reprint:
Architecture and Building – The reconstruction of a collective language as demonstrated in the project for the Quartier de la Villette Léon Krier

The middle school of Morbio Inferiore, Mario Botta / Banco Pinto & Sotto Mayor, Bouca Housing Complex, Álvaro Siza

Essay Reprint:
to catch a precise moment of flittering image in all its shades Álvaro Siza
Alexandra Road Estate, Neave Brown / Student Housing, University of Louvain, Lucien Kroll / Central Beheer, Herman Hertzberger / Hillside Terrace Apartment Phase 3, Fumihiko Maki

III. The First Stirrings of the Ecology Movement, both Natural and Human
Sydney Opera House Jørn Utzon and others / Olympiastadion,
Munich Frei Otto, Gunter Behnisch
Interview Reprint: Questionnaire to Norman Foster
IBM Pilot Headquarters, Willis Faber & Dumas, Sainsbury Center for Visual Arts 102, Norman Foster

Essay Reprint: LL (Long Life) / LF (Loose Fit) / LE (Low Energy) versus Foster
Reyner Banham

UOP, Georges Pompidou Cultural Center, Piano and Rogers

Essay Reprint: Piano + Rogers’ Architectural Method Reyner Banham

World Trade Center, Minoru Yamasaki / Sears Tower, SOM / Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, Gunnar Birkerts / Arcosanti, Paolo Soleri

Appendix. The Vernacular and the Language of Modernism
Gehry House, Frank Gehry / House in Uehara, Kazuo Shinohara / Casa Gilardi, Luis Barragán / Arango Residence, John Lautner / Bagsvaerd Church, Can Lis, Jørn Utzon / Holscher House, Knud Holscher / Hedmark Museum, Archbishopric Museum, Sverre
Fehn / Islev Church Inger & Johannes Exner