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Bicycle Urbanism – Re-Mobility And Transforming


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CONTENUTI A+U 604 (2021:01) – Bicycle Urbanism – Re-Mobility And Transforming Cities San Francisco, New York, Zurich, Tokyo

Introduction: Bicycle Urbanism – Towards Ecosystemic Urban Design Manabu Chiba

Essay: Cycling is so great Kees Christiaanse

Transforming Cities
Copenhagen, Nørreport Station / Utrecht, Utrecht Bicycle Parking / Barcelona, Passeig De St Joan Boulevard PHASE 1 / Madrid, Madrid Rio / Xiamen, Xiamen Bicycle Skyway / Limburg, Cycling Through Water / Limburg, Cycling Through the Trees / China, Shared Lady Beetle / Amsterdam, Mobile Pop-Up Bicycle Parking / New York, “Cycling in the City, A
200-Year History” / Frankfurt, “Ride a bike! Reclaim the city”
Essay: ‘Bicycle Urbanism’ in the Netherlands? Stefan Bendiks

San Franciso
John Bela and Christopher Reeves, Gehl
A Brief History of Bicycle Culture in San Francisco – Major Milestones
Establishing a new bicycling culture on Market Street – San Francisco’s busiest transit
A bold vision for human-powered mobility in San Francisco – Including micromobility –
skateboards, e-scooters, e-bikes and other rideables and an expanded bike culture

New York City I
Graci Mills, Raphael Laude and Adam Lubinsky, WXY Studio
New York City on Two Wheels – a very brief history
The Path to Equal Access: How can infrastructure better serve outer neighborhoods?
The Brooklyn-Queens Cycleway (BQC): Re-appropriated infrastructure for NYC’s outer
Where does cycling fit into New York City history? / Who is NYC’s Cycling Community?
/ A Local Stop on the BQC: Sunset Park, Brooklyn

New York City II
Travis Bunt and Mathew Staudt, One Architecture and Urbanism
The Grid and the Greenway: Rethinking New York City’s transportation corridors in the
era of climate change
The Cross-town Greenway: A prototype for a new street type in Manhattan
The Triboro Corridor: A prototype for a new bicycle superhighway

Kees Christiaanse, Joris Jehle, KCAP Architects&Planners
On Tricycles and White Bikes
Completing the Network
Locating Obstacles / Restructuring street layout / Europaallee / Cycling Tunnel / Promenade Urbaine / Bicycle Tracks 142 / Cycling Bridge 144

Chiba Manabu Architects and Chiba Manabu Laboratory, The University of Tokyo
30 m Heaven / A Vibrant Vista of Bicycle Parking / Weekend Void / Bicycle
backlane / Bicycle Highway and Leaf Rack / Buil.climb
Column: Pottering Oshika

Apploaches for a mobility and urbanism
Rapha / Toei Transportation / Institute of Public Design / PTV Group



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