AV Monografías 163/164 – Norman Foster







Material Homes

La Voile House, 1999-2002, Cap Ferrat (France)

Chesa Futura, 2000-2004, St Moritz (Switzerland)

Akao House, 1997-2004, Kamakura (Japan)

Leedon Park House, 2003-2006, Singapore (Singapore)

Design for Urbanity

Trafalgar Square Redevelopment, 1996-2003, London (United Kingdom)

Gerling Ring Mixed-use Development, 1995-2001, Cologne (Germany)

Rebuilding and Tower 2 of the World Trade Center, 2002; 2006-, New York (United States)

Santa Giulia Masterplan, 2003-, Milan (Italy)

Duisburg City Masterplan, 2007-, Duisburg (Germany)

Slussen Masterplan, 2008-, Stockholm (Sweden)

Masterplan for West Kowloon Cultural District, 2009-, Hong Kong (China)

Memory Recovered

Great Court at the British Museum, 1994-2000, London (United Kingdom)

Library and Restoration of the Free University, 1997-2005, Berlin (Germany)

Smithsonian Institution Redevelopment, 2004-2007, Washington DC (United States)

Museum of Fine Arts Extension, 1999-2010, Boston (United States)

Lenbachhaus Museum Redevelopment, 2002-2013, Munich (Germany)

Château Margaux Winery Extension, 2009-, Bordeaux (France)

Musée de la Romanité, 2011-, Narbonne (France)

Social Knowledge

McLaren Technology and Production Centres, 1998-2004; 2009-2011, Woking (United Kingdom)

Clark Center, 1999-2003, Stanford (United States)

Petronas University of Technology, 1998-2004, Seri Iskandar (Malaysia)

Supreme Court, 2000-2005, Singapore (Singapore)

Portia Winery, 2007-2010, Gumiel de Izán (Spain)

Bloomberg Headquarters, 2010-, London (United Kingdom)

Apple Campus 2, 2010-, Cupertino (United States)

Places of Encounter

Great Glasshouse at the Botanic Garden of Wales, 1995-2000, Carmarthenshire (United Kingdom)

The Sage Gateshead Music Centre, 1997-2004, Gateshead (United Kingdom)

Wembley Stadium, 1996-2007, London (United Kingdom)

Winspear Opera House, 2003-2009, Dallas (United States)

Central Market, 2006-2012, Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)

The SSE Hydro, 2005-2013, Glasgow (United Kingdom)

Vieux Port Redevelopment, 2010-2013, Marseille (France)

Building High

30 St Mary Axe Tower, 1997-2004, London (United Kingdom)

Deutsche Bank Tower, 1997-2005, Sydney (Australia)

Hearst Tower, 2000-2006, New York (United States)

Cepsa Tower, 2002-2009, Madrid (Spain)

The Troika, 2004-2011, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

The Bow, 2005-2013, Calgary (Canada)

425 Park Avenue, 2012-, New York (United States)

Movement Flows

Millennium Bridge, 1996-2000, London (United Kingdom)

Millau Viaduct, 1993-2004, Millau (France)

Dresden Station Redevelopment, 1997-2006, Dresden (Germany)

Beijing International Airport, 2003-2008, Beijing (China)

Queen Alia International Airport, 2005-2013, Amman (Jordan)

Kuwait International Airport, 2009-, Kuwait City (Kuwait)

Spaceport America, 2006-2011, New Mexico (United States)

Looking Forward

Masdar City, 2007-, Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)

Masterplan for Dharavi, 2008-, Mumbai (India)

Thames Hub, 2011-, Isle of Grain (United Kingdom)

Habitable Lunar Settlements Study, 2009-2013, South Pole (Moon)


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