Elephant 34

Spring 2018



Yes! Yes! Yes! The Sex Issue

“I will always have a soft spot for the memories I have of stumbling upon the tickling community online.”
-Jennifer Mehigan

What does sex look like in 2018? Why does it continue to fascinate artists? And what exactly is a cyber-erotic blob? In issue 34 we speak with six young artists who explore what sex and sexuality mean today, diving headfirst into the most natural yet oftentimes confounding of all human acts, from the most niche of fetishes in the online world to the women who are reclaiming pleasure for themselves IRL.

In our research essay, Federico Florian discusses the distinctions between art and porn via Charles Atlas, Marlene Dumas and Ed Fornieles. In our infographics section we explore the average sex life, and discover some of the stranger things people hold fetishes for.

The issue also features Encounters with Gilbert & George, Candice Breitz and Carolee Schneemann, and we meet the next generation who are making waves, speaking with Lindsey Mendick, Grace Schwindt and Nikki Maloof in New Establishment.