Elephant 25



Art Mix

Counting is a Feminist Weapon
Under the Influence
The Refined Art of Fine Art Dining
Deep in the Art of Texas

Now Showing

Recto Verso
Sejla Kameric
Alexandre Estrela
Luc Fuller
Christopher Roth
Susan Hiller
Suzanne Treister

Shows of the Times

Judith Bernstein, Kunsthall Stavanger
Betty Woodman, ICA London

Paper Gallery 1

Ella Kruglyanskya

New Establishment

Josh Smith
Jonas Wood
Wendy White
Marie Jacotey
Edouard Baribeaud


Girl on Girl:

Leah Schrager
Alexandra Marzella
Mayan Toledano
Faith Holland
Marianna Rothen
Nekeya Brown
Aneta Bartos
Jamie Warren
The Bechdel Gang

Paper Gallery 2

Hans Op de Beeck


Brea Souders: In the Stream of Time
Linder: England’s Dreaming, England’s Screaming
Eddie Peake: Peake’s People
Toshio Saeki: Beauty Without Poison is Boring
Paul Soulellis: Scenes from a Designer’s Counterpractice


Iceland: Land of Ice and Fire…and Design


Kara Walker’s Norma: Avoiding Norms
From Genesis to Revelation, An Interview with Polly Staple
Do You Wanna Smell my Zine? An Interview with AA Bronson