Elephant 27



Elephant 27 | Summer 2016 | I’m with the brand

Now showing
Rafael Lozano-Hemmer
Nicole Eisenman
Common Affairs
Jorinde Voigt
A change of place:
Four Solo Exhibitions
Alex Israel

Art Mix
Artists as Brands
Frida Kahlo: Artist’s face as brand by Charlotte Jansen
Pablo Picasso: Artist’s name as brand by Fisun Guner

I’m with the Brand by Robert Urquhart
Holly White: Fast food & Feeling by Emily Steer
Jemma Egan: Pizza & Passion by Emily Steer
Antonio Roberts: Logos & Protest by Molly Taylor
Chloe Wise: Haute Couture & Confusion by Molly Taylor
Rachel Maclean: Politics & Hashtags by Emily Steer

New Estabilishments
Celina Teague
Guy Patton
Sarker Protick
Francesca Pasquali
Matt Copson
Devin Troy Strother

Paper Gallery
Magical surfaces

Matt Pyke: Coming soon to a screen of the Future near You by Charlotte Rivers
KAWS: KAWS and Affect by Emily Steer
Torbjorn Rodland: Horny, Hurting and Healing by Emily Steer
Goshka Macuga: Thinker, Maker, Institutional Spy by Muriel Zagha
Simon Starling: The Journey, Not the Destination by Emily Steer
Jack Pierson: Fantasies of Faded Glamour bu Fisun Guner

O(SLO) Brave New World! by Charlotte Jansen

The Distance Challenge
Natasha Hoare interviews with Juliana Enberg
Helena Almeida: Talgled Up in (Yves Klein) Blue by Federico Florian
Nailed It! 10 Idees Fixes by Karin Sander
Enditorial by Marc Valli