Frame 122 # Mag/Giu 2018

The Great Indoors




Contenuti Frame 122

Health aids go high-tech. Inclusive items enable the blind. Architects join the ranks of Prada’s fashion designers. Discover new directions in the world of products.

The Challenge: Design for Future Tourism
In the lead-up to each issue, Frame challenges emerging designers to answer a topical question with a future-forward concept. The tourism industry is one the world’s fastest-growing economic sectors. An article shared on World Economic Forum’s website reported a figure of nearly 1.2 billion international tourists in 2015, compared with 25 million in 1950. The number is expected to reach 1.8 billion by 2030. What will travel look like by then? What will tomorrow’s tourists need?

Carlos Cruz-Diez makes colour an event. Naoto Fukasawa reconsiders the presence of products. Maarten Baas traces his career-making moves. Meet the people. Get their perspectives.

On a mission to promote spatial excellence, the first Frame Awards identified and honoured the world’s best interiors and designers in 30 categories. The winning projects show where the industry is heading.

Frame Lab
Held in Amsterdam in conjunction with Frame Awards, Frame Lab: The Next Space explored the future of spaces through the eyes of international designers, established furniture brands and up-and-coming creatives.

Reports: Furniture
Manufacturers set their sights on circularity. Classics enjoy a revival in Copenhagen. The living room extends into the outdoors. Discover what’s driving the business of design.