Frame 130 # Set/Ott 2019

Physical Retail Saves the Planet




Business of Design

Digital fashion enters the high street. The built environment serves as a canvas for AR gamers. A fashion designer helps sell houses. Urbanists use data networks to become self-sufficient.


Hoteliers switch from demographics to psychographics. Physical venues help speed up the adoption of VR. Legacy brands embrace the digital. Post-clinical interiors present an evolving wellness aesthetic. Prosthetic architecture counters prudent preservation.

In Practice

Labotory on keeping up with South Korea’s pace of change. Giorgia Lupi on turning the interior into a canvas for data. Olson Kundig on using Instagram to create an office culture. Tina Norden on helping hospitality clients understand the value of design.

Frame Lab: Sustainable Retail

How can retailers operate more sustainably and help consumers make eco-conscious choices? And what will that mean for the future of brick-and-mortar venues?


New display options promote flexible staging in store. Agile office furniture activates employees. Seats double as storage units. Data centres are brought to the domestic environment.