Frame 102 # Gen/Feb 2015


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Innovative ideas and projects are sprouting from the fields of art, design, fashion and technology. Serbian photographer and model Ana Kraš shows her pastel skills and Martina Lasinger weaves with threads of wood. Iris van Herpen’s high tech S/S 2015 collection harnesses magnetic forces.

Set designer Anna Lomax and photographer Jess Bonham document the results of mixing light and water while New York City’s urbanites disconnect from the concrete jungle with a pink cave by Marc Fornes and Jana Winderen.

Miriam van der Lubbe introduces a future name in the textile development industry and Jaime Hayon talks about happiness, mistakes and open dialogue.

The Frame Lab explores the many facets of events and Alexandre de Betak shares the impact of social media on his design approach for memorable affairs. Carol Lim and Humberto Leon – co-creative directors of French fashion house Kenzo – discuss their collaborations and vision for their retail venture Opening Ceremony.

The evolution and direction of furniture for the work place is analysed and a 3D printed aluminium chair by Dutch designer Joris Laarman looks to the Eiffel Tower for structural cues.

OODA’s prefabricated cube gives interior spaces more function and alleviates issues facing abandoned and derelict housing in Oporto, Portugal without altering the historic structures.


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