Frame 109 # Mar/Apr 2016


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Designers relive their youth. Ikea explores the future of living. Customized cocktails are served by a bartending robot. Kitchens for home-made medication. Design Miami exhibitors repurpose mundane materials. All this and more is bubbling on the fringes of the great indoors.

Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec tell their shared story. Germaine Kruip gives in to the dark side. Snarkitecture shows what shaped the studio. Galila Barzilaï-Hollander takes stock of her collection. Ghaith&Jad embraces Beirut’s blemishes. Eugeni Quitllet talks life from matin to noche. All this and more perspectives from people.

Adjaye Associates covers all angles. Neri&Hu performs plastic surgery. March Studio channels post-war suburbia, Moment pulls passers-by into Me Issey Miyake’s web. El Equipo Creativo trawls the ocean for inspiration. It’s the pick of the crop from the worlds of art and design.

Vittorio Radice transforms dull department stores into sexy shopping magnets. Frame Lab explores the benefits of colour in healthcare spaces and colour expert Hilary Dalke reveals the impact of contrast on human response.

Kettal stamps out the latest in aluminium technology. Moroso, Dedon, Extremis, Deesawat and Vondom gather, play & relax. B&B Italia, Paola Lenti and more plump up the volume, while Knoll, Estudio Campana and others slim down.


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