Frame Magazine 95 # Nov/Dic 2013


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Frame Magazine è una rivista di design ed architettura internazionale, esce 6 volte l’anno ed è disponibile anche in abbonamento.


Recent graduates imagine future spaces

Shanghai’s first film museum in the spotlight; Spaceworkers preserves the past in Portugal; it’s all in the details for Louis Vuitton, Printemps, Harrods and Barneys; slick stores from Acne, Ciguë, Edward Belden and others; a make-your-own-ice-cream parlour; and much more

Get Up and Go: The movers behind the newest breed of mobile structures
Inner Space: Volumes within a volume from Jun Igarashi
Dream Weaver: Artist David Altmejd’s frenetic fantasies
Open Platform: Nosigner approaches Mozilla’s office as an open-source project
Digital Dior: A rare glimpse into Dior’s catalogue of inspirational spatial concepts
Hollowed Out: Trahan Architects carves a cavernous museum with the latest technology

Elmo: A tour through a Swedish tannery
Interstuhl: Designer Volker Eysing on the process behind VINTAGEis5
Update: The latest design-company news from B&B Italia, Moooi, e15 and others
Catalogue: Products for productivity: our roundup of the latest office furniture

Education Debate: What’s next for Dutch design schools?
Graduation Work: Fresh concepts from the new design generation
One Shot: Marketing case study: Flos’s architectural lighting catalogue
One Artist, One Material: The ice-cold canvases of Simon Beck
Design Art: Bethan Laura Wood’s meticulous marquetry
Books: A candid look at the design industry, courtesy of journalist Hanna Nova Beatrice







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