Frame Magazine 97 # Mar/Apr 2014


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 Frame Magazine è una rivista di design ed architettura internazionale, esce 6 volte l’anno ed è disponibile anche in abbonamento.

First glimpses of the controversial MoMA expansion and a more tranquil development in the Austrian Alps
A bloody good Hermès interior, a void within a void in Mexico City’s ‘iron palace’ and it’s hospital green for a very different kind of apple store inValencia
‘What we really want is to shed any sort of stylistic signature’ : The first decade of Shanghai-based architects Neri&Hu
‘We’re just a shop and we sell stuff’ : Adrian Joffe, CEO of Comme de Garçons, talks retail
Brandtopia : Is San Francisco’s tech scene really the best place to work?
Design Miami : How the ‘MagicCity’ is becoming design’s hottest destination
Case Studies
Waste turns to wonder in Denmark, and heritage meets street life in Beijing
Interviews with Tokujin Yoshioka, Hans Ubbink and Overtreders W
At Okamura, high technology equals comfort
Gaetano Pesce is still provoking after 40 years, while Arik Levy has an antidote for mistakes
Essay: Why do-it-yourself design is back in fashion
One Artist, One Material: Monika Gryzmala goes mad with masking tape


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