Mark Magazine 51 – Ago/Set 2014


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Mark magazine è una piattaforma per la pratica e la percezione dell’architettura, all’alba del terzo millennio. Dal suo lancio nel 2005, la rivista ha dimostrato di essere una pubblicazione fuori da quelli che sono gli schemi classici delle riviste di settore: tempestiva, moderna, visuale e con un occhio di riguardo alla creatività. Mark ha una prospettiva internazionale, punta i riflettori su archistar e nuovi talenti.


Cross Section:
Palatium Stúdió, Woods Bagot, Ken Wong, Marc Mimram, Warren Techentin, Makiko Tsukada, Peter Wenham, Coop Himmelb(l)au, Theo Deutinger, Yuusuke Karasawa, MJosé van Hee, A69, Search
Perspective: ‘We build too much too fast.’
Open Architecture in Beijing: Li Hu would like architects to reconsider the concepts their cities are built on.
Atelier Liu Yuyang Architects in Shanghai: Liu Yuyang talks about the urban development of Shanghai and the principle of China’s urbanization.
Li Xiaodong Atelier, Beijing: Li Xiaodong doesn’t think that high-rises and organically shaped museums is the way for Chinese architecture to move ahead.
Jiakun Architects in Chengdu: Liu Jiakun has found a way to deal with the lack of craftsmanship in the construction industry.
Long Section:
Architectuurstudio HH in Utrecht, The Netherlands: Those who are not put off by the outer appearance of the new music palace will find a temptation-filled temple inside.
Neutelings Riedijk Architects in Amersfoort, The Netherlands: The architects wrapped a cultural centre in an undisguised reference to George, the city’s patron saint.
Groupies in Venice, Italy: Our reporters explore group dynamic, team spirit, social interaction and politics at the Architecture Biennale.
Zaha Hadid Architects in Honk Kong, China: The starchitect’s Innovation Tower provides its students something of the subtlety and complexity of a natural landscape.
Adamo-Faiden Architects in Buenos Aires, Argentina: Sebastián Adamo and Marcelo Faiden aim for an architecture that is rooted in society while also producing friction.
Guedes Cruz Architects in Alcadideche, Portugal: A retirement home for former bank employees that might resemble a series of mausoleums.
Searching for Masahiro Ikeda in Japan: Sergio Pirrone looks for the genius structural engineer behind Japan’s experimental architecture of the previous decade.
Studio Odile Decq in Lyon, France: The architect’s latest office building takes its cues from steel-truss bridges and cranes.
MBA/S in Stuttgart, Germany: The first house in the country to be built out of thermally insulating concrete.
Aaron Betsky in Cincinatti, USA: The way we live in books can be as vivid as the way we live in physical structures.


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