Mark Magazine 53 – Dic 2014/ Gen 2015


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Mark magazine è una piattaforma per la pratica e la percezione dell’architettura, all’alba del terzo millennio. Dal suo lancio nel 2005, la rivista ha dimostrato di essere una pubblicazione fuori da quelli che sono gli schemi classici delle riviste di settore: tempestiva, moderna, visuale e con un occhio di riguardo alla creatività. Mark ha una prospettiva internazionale, punta i riflettori su archistar e nuovi talenti.



Cross Section:

Iroje KHM, Amorphe, Garrison, Heri&Salli, Tato, Cal Poly Pomona Architectural Design Studio, Atelier Zafari, Möhring, Henning Larsen, Koning Eizenberg, Theo Deutinger, GPY, MachineGames, Studio Prototype, Norisada Maeda, Lewicki Łatak, Morphosis, Züst Gübeli Gambetti, Tilch + Drexler, Alphaville, Cadaval & Solà-Morales

Perspective: Low-Income Housing in the USA
Michael Webb discusses the current state of low-income housing in the United States and looks at three case studies in California.
David Adjaye’s Sugar Hill slab, despite differing opinions on its appearance, gives the community a sense of worth.
Two American university programmes aim to make well-designed housing a universal norm – and all for €20,000 or less.
Los Angeles architect Michael Maltzan designs buildings for homeless people in his city. Five of them tell their stories.

Long Section:
MVRDV’s Markthal became an instant hit in Rotterdam with a little help from artist Arno Coenen.
In Japanese architecture office Be-Fun, project acquisition is just as important as architectural design. Tsuyoshi Shindo explains how they have navigated the economic crisis.
Müller Sigrist Architekten have designed a live-work complex in Zurich that’s a city in itself.
Jan Versweyveld is responsible for the scenography of the stage adaptation of The Fountainhead. He feels an affinity with protagonist Howard Roark.
Two Houses by Hiroshi Nakamura combine formal features with a concern for their inhabitants.
Elemental’s design for the Anacleto Angelini Innovation Center turns the conventional high-rise inside out.
Patkau Architects designed an angular house on a steep slope overlooking Whistler Valley.
Swiss publisher Lars Müller compares online reading to eating sushi and points out that there are many other wonderful things to eat.


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