Mark Magazine 56 – Giu/Lug 2015


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Mark magazine è una piattaforma per la pratica e la percezione dell’architettura, all’alba del terzo millennio. Dal suo lancio nel 2005, la rivista ha dimostrato di essere una pubblicazione fuori da quelli che sono gli schemi classici delle riviste di settore: tempestiva, moderna, visuale e con un occhio di riguardo alla creatività. Mark ha una prospettiva internazionale, punta i riflettori su archistar e nuovi talenti.



Cross Section

Oving, Coop Himmelb(l)au, Van Noten, De Baes, Mount Fuji, Luis Pancorbo, José de Villar, Carlos Chacón, Inés Martin Robles, University of California Students, ABDR, Mecanoo, Benthem Crouwel, Graber Pulver, WMR, Tadao Ando, Taichi Mitsuya, Unemori, Hertl, Manuelle Gautrand, Durbach Block Jaggers, BVN

Perspective: Preservation in Los Angeles

– Michael LaFetra buys modernist homes, restores them and puts them back on the market.
– Developer Wayne Ratkovich has been preserving and finding creative uses for the architectural heritage of Los Angeles over the past four decades.
– Michael Webb recounts how he teamed up with neighbours and persuaded a developer to defer to a modern classic in West LA.

Long Section

– The red-tiled Ya Chang Art Center is at the core of a Shanghai industrial site renovated by Atelier Deshaus.
– BIG, headed by Bjarke Ingels, recently updated and extended the secondary school in Hellerup that Ingels attended as a teenager.
– Engineer Dennis Poon explains the structural design of the Shanghai Tower, currently the second tallest building in the world.
– The occupants of six apartments in Alterlaa, Harry Glück’s 1970s housing complex in Vienna, talk about living in the Austrian architect’s high-rise block.
– The university building that Heatherwick Studio completed in Singapore embodies collaborative learning while cleverly dealing with the tropical climate.
– Marc Simmons of Front Inc. makes sure the architect’s design gets realized.
– Working with university students in Brussels, photographer Maxime Delvaux explored the possibilities and limitations of architectural models.
– UNStudio’s campus for the Singapore University of Technology and Design is easy to navigate and prompts chance encounters.
– The film Tomorrowland was released in May in theatres across the globe. We spoke with two of the people responsible for designing and visualizing the architecture of the eponymous utopian city.
– There’s nary a book in sight at Snøhetta’s Ryerson University Student Learning Centre.
– The Guardian’s Oliver Wainwright talks about architecture criticism in the 21st century.