Mark Magazine 59 – Dic/Gen 2016


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Mark magazine è una piattaforma per la pratica e la percezione dell’architettura, all’alba del terzo millennio. Dal suo lancio nel 2005, la rivista ha dimostrato di essere una pubblicazione fuori da quelli che sono gli schemi classici delle riviste di settore: tempestiva, moderna, visuale e con un occhio di riguardo alla creatività. Mark ha una prospettiva internazionale, punta i riflettori su archistar e nuovi talenti.



Cross Section
NAP / Hiroshi Nakamura, 2b, Lederer Ragnarsdóttir Oei, CtrlG / 51-1, Filip Dujardin, Diener & Diener, Jorge Suso, Elding Oscarson, Studio Prototype, Espen Surnevik, Robertneun, CF Møller, Tomohiro Hata, Raumzeit, Office O, Studio Archea, Lorenzo Castro, Bloot, Tham & Videgård

In the eastern Germany region of Saxony-Anhalt, three towns – nicknamed Lutherstadt or Luther city – are sites of significant events surrounding Martin Luther’s birth, life, work and death. All three towns have constructed new museums or visitor centres to commemorate the famous reformer.

Long Section
Mad advocates a merger of architecture and landscape.
Toyo Ito’s interest in a renewed relationship with nature is reflected in cultural centre Media Cosmos.
Carvalho Araújo completed two houses that are dug into the ground.
Ila Bêka and Louise Lemoine show how buildings can have an impact on the way you live.
Marte Marte’s projects pay homage to the castles and lofty towers that fascinated the architects as children.
Rolf Bruggink and Niek Wagemans renovated a coach house using demolition materials harvested from an old shed.
Sanaa designed spaces for public gatherings in the form of a meandering river.
Małgorzata Szczurek, Przemek Dębowski and Magdalena Hajduk-Dębowska introduce contemporary architecture to the Polish audience.