Mark Magazine 68 – Giu/Lug 2017

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Mark #68 vi porta in un tour di 24 case nuove da tutto il mondo!

Cross Section
Duncan Lewis / Scape; Camp Design; Studio Selva; Barclay&Crousse; Izquierdo Lehmann; KWK Promes / Robert Konieczny; TD Architects; Tetsuo Kondo; Compangie-O; Vo Trong Nghia; Ard de Vries; Barkow Leibinger; HyperSity; Noah Hawley / Michael Wylie; Ryu Mitarai; MNM

Perspective: Tourism in Barcelona
• Rafael Gómez-Moriana discusses Barcelona’s touristic architecture: new buildings designed specifically to appeal to visitors
• Daniel Mòdol fights the negative effects of tourism
• Francesc Muñoz discusses urban tourism in the age of interchangeability

Long Section
• Atelier Vens Vanbelle pursues unconstrained and personal architecture
• Savioz Fabrizzi tries to integrate its buildings into their surroundings
• Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes: My first 1,825 days as an architect
• Executive architects do at least half the work but often get none of the glory
• Jan Šépka enriches an ordinary neighbourhood in Prague with an oddly shaped house supported by a single column
• Kazuyasu Kochi likes to make cuts in walls, floors and ceilings
• Custom Tree Builders makes a living out of producing miniature trees for architectural models
• Immersive environment technologies are reshaping the way architects communicate with clients
• Chenchow Little builds a brave new beach house in Coogee, a coastal suburb of Sydney
• David Jenkins talks about making books, selling books and writing architecture criticism



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