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Every Idea has a material solution!

Preface by Michele Caniato
Introduction by Allan Chochinov

Visual Narrative – David Trubridge

CHAPTER 1 • Grown materials
Hemp Chair – Studio Aisslinger
BioCouture – Suzanne Lee
Bogobrush – John McDougall
Gord Bottle – Jerry Mejia
Kelp Lampshades – Julia Lohmann
Yulex R2 Front-Zip Full Suit – Patagonia and Yulex Corporation
iNature iPhone Cover – Luca Torresi and Carlo Vecchiola
Coco Mat Board – NSP / Global Surf Industries
Corky Water Bottle – Ruben Marques Pedro

Visual Narrative – Samuel Wilkinson

CHAPTER 2 • Surface Protection
Voyager Legend – Plantronics
Micralox Coating on Aluminum – Dr. Mike Sung, Sanford Process
Bloom Cookware – Enrico Azzimonti
MC Metafuse Binding Line – Union Binding Company
CST-01 – Jerry O’Leary and Dave Vondle
The Glider – Kammok
Logitech FabricSkin Keyboard Folio – Logitech

Visual Narrative – Studio Dror

CHAPTER 3 • Advanced Composites
Tegra-Lite – Tumi
Ganymed Walking Aid – Karen Ostertag and Dr. Sigmar Klose
The Light Room – Bram Geenen
Ergon SR2 BioComp Concept Saddle – Ergon Werksdesign
Fu Lei Zhi Seat – Vivian Chiu
Fornix Ski Helmet – Fredrik Hallander and Jan Woxing, POC Sports
Mojo UFO Tent – Vincent Mares
Bering Sleeping Bag – Sarah Groth
W127 Lamp – Dirk Winkel
Lynx Ski – Thomas Greenall

Visual Narrative Eric Chan of ECCO Design

CHAPTER 4 • Additive Manufacturing Media
13:30 Headphones – John Mabry, Teague
Bespoke Fairings – Scott Summit, Bespoke Innovations
Titanium Jaw – Biomed Research Group of the University of Hasselt, Xios Hogeschool, Xilloc Medical BV, and the Catholic University of Leuven
Stainless Steel Bone Cuff – Nervous System
Endless Flow Rocking Chair – Dirk Vander Kooij
Iron Man 2 Body Armor – Legacy Effects
Nike Flyknit Lunar1+ –Ben Shaffer, Nike
3D-Printed Optics – Karl D. D. Willis, Eric Brockmeyer, Ivan Poupyrev, Scott E. Hudson
Mylon Glasses – MYKITA

Visual Narrative – Dikini

CHAPTER 5 • Recycled Materials
Green Chair – Javier Mariscal
Papillon Cutlery Set – FaddaSantos
NewspaperWood – Mieke Meijer with Vij5
IN-EI Light Collection – Issey Miyake + Reality Lab
Vac from the Sea – Electrolux
Çurface Composite Panels – Adam Fairweather, Re-worked, Nick Rawcliffe, Rawstudio

Visual Narrative – Paola Navone

CHAPTER 6 • Embedded Technology
Energy Collection – Marjan van Aubel
Microbial Home Probe – Philips Design
Nuubo Integrated Cardiac Monitoring Garment – Nuubo
Moss Table – Carlos Peralta, Alex Driver and Paolo Bombelli
SpaceTop – Jinha Lee
Beröra – Alexander Gjersoe and Hans Magne Ekre
Switch60 – David Horn, SWITCH Lighting
miCoach Elite Team System – adidas Wearable Sports Electronics Team
Duracell Powermat – Dino Sanchez, Einav Sadan Duschak, Charlie Ozana, and Brian Guze
Revival Vest – James McNab
Smart Bandage Bacteria Sensor – Edgar D. Goluch
K-Dress – CuteCircuit


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