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Museum of prisoner of war in Jianchuan Museum Cluster

Ningbo Fellowship Museum

Anhui Museum

Erdos Museum

Oct Design Museum

The Tang West Market Museum

Jianchuan Mirror Museum & Earthquake Memorial

Bird Museum in Qinhuangado

Tangshan Museum Expansion

Gaoling Museum of Handcraft paper

New Luoyang Museum

Relics exhibition hall at the Jinsha Site Museum

Guangdong Museum

Yungang Grottoes Museum

Bridge Culture Museum

Taiyuan Museum of Art

Culture Museum of Zhengzhou

Chongqing Science and Technology Museum

Liangzhu Museum

Fuping Museum of ceramic art

Emperor of Ming Dynasty cultural Museum

China Xuxiake tourism Museum

The Institute of zoology in chinese academy of sciences & the national zoological Museum

China National Film Museum

China Science and tachnology Museum

China Museum of sea salts


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