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In questo libro vengono presentati 50 tra i più interessanti progetti di parcheggio multipiano a livello internazionale.

Il libro presenta sia la fase progettuale sia il lavoro finito attraverso una serie di interessanti fotografia.

1.    Car Parks: An Integral Part of the Modern History of Architecture 

1.1     How the Automobile Shapes Architecture and Urban Design  
1.2     Ten Examples from a Hundred-Year Construction History  

2.    Basic Principles of Car Park Planning 

2.1    Functional Architecture for the Interplay between Cars and their Drivers  
2.2    The Automobile and its Driving Geometry  
2.3    Objective and Subjective User Requirements  
2.4    Requirements for Economic Operation    
2.5    Typical Municipal Requirements    
2.6    Regulations, Recommendations and Certificates  

3.    Choosing a Location: Basic Decisions 

3.1     Traffic Planning Perspectives and Economic Perspectives   
3.2     Urban Development Issues   
3.3     Dimensioning   
3.4     Traffic Integration   

4.    Car Parks as Holistic Systems 

4.1     Design Philosophy  
4.2     Internal Traffic Functionality  
4.3     Car Park Types 
4.4     Parking Streets as Basic Design Elements  
4.5     Ramps as Basic Design Elements    
4.6        Multi-Storey Car Parks    

5.    Further Technical Features of Car Parks 

5.1     Entry and Exit Drives   
5.2     Parking Management Systems 
5.3     Driving Lanes and Parking Spaces  
5.4     Walkways and Route Guidance Systems 
5.5     Driving Surfaces and Driving Surface Markings   
5.6     Planning Interior Heights: Special Aspects to Consider   
5.7     Drainage   
5.8     Lighting   
5.9     Ventilation and Smoke Extraction   
5.10   Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarm Systems   
5.11   Further Building Services Aspects   
5.12   Facades and Safety Barriers   
5.13   High-Quality Interiors   

6.    Mechanical Parking Systems 

6.1    Introduction   
6.2    Parking Lifts   
6.3    Sliding Pallets  
6.4    Turntables 
6.5    Car Lifts  
6.6    Other Mechanical Parking Aids 
6.7    Semi-Automated Parking Systems 

7.    Automated Parking Systems 

7.1      Introduction 
7.2      Mode of Operation  
7.3      Area and Space Requirements  
7.4      Permissible Vehicle Dimensions 
7.5      Space Tolerances and Minimum Distances 
7.6      Stacking Principles  
7.7      Main Types of Automated Parking Systems  
7.8      Load-Lifting Systems 
7.9      Planning Automated Parking Systems 
7.10    Operation and Services 
7.11    Innovative Applications  

8.    Appendix 

8.1        Model Car Park Ordinance  
8.2        Model Inspection Ordinance  
8.3        Important Reference Values from the Car Park Ordinances
8.4        References and Further Reading  
8.5        Keyword Index  
8.6        About the Authors  

9.    Examples of Car Parks (Volume 2)

9.1        Freestanding Multistorey Car Parks 
9.2        Self-contained Underground Car Parks
9.3        Integrated Underground Car Parks 
9.4        Small Garages 
9.5        Automated Parking Systems 
9.6        Semi-Automated Parking Systems 
9.7        Mechanical Parking Systems