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Meetings with Clients Who Foster Architectural Culture
Tadao Ando

“Hansol Museum” is the modern art museum standing on the historical topography dotted with Korean ancient tombs. Mr. Andoused to develop his idea of nested compositionwith glass skins and concrete boxes inhis works in United States and Japan. Andheredouble structure is consisted of outer local stone walls and inner concrete boxes. The building is buried in the valley like driving a wedge.

Hansol Museum
Wonju, South Korea

Guozijian Hotel + Museum
Beijing, China

Shanghai Poly Theater
Shanghai, China

Hong Lou Meng Hotel
Huairou, Beijing, China

bonte museum
Jeju Island, South Korea

Liangzhu Village Cultural Art Center
Hangzhou, China

House with “Hanok”
Yeoju-gun, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Yuan Museum
Beijing, China

-Interview 1
Architecture – Knowing It, Conveying It, Communicating with It
Tadao Ando

Other published works are..
Nearly completed “Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute Expansion Project”, “Teatorino” thelatest work in Venice, “San Marino Project” new urban project which let historical city have modern vitality and more…

Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute Expansion Project
Williamstown, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Venice, Italy

RGS Center (Centro Roberto Garza Sada), University of Monterrey
Monterrey, Mexico

Bosco Studio & House
Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico

San Marino Project
San Marino, San Marino

House in Mangalore
Mangalore, Karnataka, India

House in Venice
Venice, Italy

-Interview 2
The Present of ‘Creating’
Tadao Ando

The interview pages are also substancialas Mr. Ando frankly speaks his mind.

International Pacific University “Philosophia”, Athlete Hall “Top Gun”
Okayama, Japan

Oiki Ladies Clinic
Osaka, Japan

Proposal for Urban Space of Osaka City
Flowering Walls for Our Hope / Tall Green Project, Umekita Plaza
Osaka, Japan

Kagawa, Japan

Irahara Elementary School and Junior High School, Miyako-cho
Fukuoka, Japan

Chapel in Hiroo
Tokyo, Japan